Cornerstone owns and provides property management services across New England, including shopping centers, office buildings, industrial parks, apartments and residential space, parking garages, and other commercial properties. As a hands-on property owner, our management staff maintains a physical presence at our properties throughout New England. We also oversee the management and maintenance for properties owned by major financial institutions, REITS, and private individuals.

The approach we take for all of our management assignments centers on our proactive management and maintenance staff. Our experienced managers understand the needs of the properties and the tenants and work to meet maintenance and repair requirements as part of a planned and budgeted schedule for any year. When the inevitable emergency arises, our managers and crew answer the call, resolve the issue, and limit the impact on tenants and customers. Our attentive response to tenant concerns contributes to higher rents, lower vacancy and greater tenant stability. It also creates the positive word-of-mouth associated with Cornerstone, further resulting in positive feedback drawing new tenants and partners.

Whether we are the owner or are managing the property for a third-party owner, we look to add value and increase long-term returns in the same way. Toward this end, we establish preventive maintenance programs, pursue aggressive lease management, and practice proactive budgets for income and expense control. Our accurate, straight-forward, and timely accounting reports keep the owner apprised of a property's true financial situation and allow for reasoned and thoughtfuldecision making. When the opportunity arises, we guide expansion and renovation projects through the zoning and regulatory process and work with architects and contractorsto design, enhance, and develop space for current and future tenants.